Tree Survey: What Is Arboriculture?

Tree survey is something that many people will need to organise at some point in their lives. This kind of work should always be carried out by a professional in the field of arboriculture. What does this mean? Arboriculture is the cultivation of trees and shrubs, which means the planting, care, removal, and selection of trees. This also includes keeping specimens for study and re-planting where possible. But it’s not just trees – it’s shrubs, vines, and all kinds of other perennial woody plants. It is the study of how they grow and respond to their environment, including different soils and weather conditions.

Why Might Homeowners Need A Tree Report?

A tree report is often needed when someone is moving home, or buying their first home. A mortgage provider may require this kind of report to be carried out by a professional arboriculture expert. Is there is a chance that the trees surrounding the property to be bought could cause it damage, or be a problem in some other way? If so, a mortgage provider may request a tree surgeon report before they will commit to lending any money. They will do this before contracts are signed, but the request might come in at the last minute. Therefore it is important to be able to find a good, expert arboriculture professional who can carry out the report in a timely manner for you. This will form part of the mortgage report, and will include information on the age, size, and condition of the tree or trees. It will also include details about the type of soil found on the property and, if necessary, it will suggest a management plan for the tree or trees to ensure they remain safe. This kind of report is a useful way to show lenders – and insurers – any potential problems regarding trees, other vegetation, or root systems.

A Tree Consultant Can Raise A Tree Preservation Order

In some cases, a tree preservation order is required. This will be made by a local planning authority and it is used to protect specific trees. It can also be used to protect groups of trees and woodland areas. A tree survey will need to be carried out prior to the order being issued to ascertain the importance of the trees in question. After a tree consultant has carried out a tree condition survey, the order can be passed. The order will prevent anyone from cutting the trees down. It will also stop them from topping the trees, as well as lopping them, uprooting them, and causing wilful damage and destruction to them. This even extends to the cutting of their roots. However, such measures can be taken with the local authority’s written consent. This may be required if there is storm damage, for example, or if the tree becomes unstable, in which case it may have to be removed or reduced in some way. If a tree preservation order is set up, then it extends to anyone upon whose land the tree grows. And on top of this, the landowner is responsible for ensuring that the trees have regular maintenance carried out to keep them safe in relation to the public.

What Is A BS5837 Tree Survey?

A BS5837 tree survey is needed for planning and building works to take place. This report is required by local authorities when any kind of building works are to happen. The report is needed so that all the trees in close proximity to the building site are accounted for. It will then be known whether any of the trees will be adversely affected by the work, or whether the building site could be compromised by the trees and their root systems. The BS5837 survey should be carried out by an expert arboriculturalist who can then submit a written tree survey report to the relevant authorities. Each report will be specific to the area and the trees within it, and each different planning office may require a specific set of information. Therefore it is essential that the tree expert is in touch with the planning office before beginning their work. If they simply carry out a standard survey, this could elongate the process of gaining planning permission, and could cost time and money. The tree report should contain a tree constraints plan. This is a technical drawing that shows the position of the tree including the spread of the crown and the root protection areas. There should also be a tree data schedule included within the report.

Why Might A Tree Inspection Be Useful?

Tree inspection services may be required for a number of different reasons. Every landowner has an important duty of care when it comes to their trees. They must ensure that all the trees on their land are safe – as far as they are practicably able to do so. Unless the landowner is a tree expert, it is a good idea to engage tree inspection professionals to check the trees on a regular basis. This ensures that they are kept in good condition and, if anything does go wrong and they need work doing to them, it will be spotted quickly, before any damage can be done. An unhealthy tree can cause many thousands of pounds worth of damage to buildings, and they can be a hazard to people as well. If something were to happen and the landowner can show that they have had a tree inspection carried out, then this can help them should anyone be hurt, or any property damaged. Ideally, having these inspections carried out annually should mean that nothing goes wrong in the first place. And a timely report can save you a lot of money. Braemar Arboriculture Limited can carry out these surveys quickly and easily.

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