Tree Survey BS5837 Simplified

Tree survey BS5837 is a code that is unlikely to mean very much to anyone but experienced property developers. However, those experienced developers understand exactly that by not following such guidelines as the BS5837, their planning proposals are doomed to failure. So, what exactly is the BS5837?

Well, the BS5837 is the British Standard for trees in relation to construction. The latest version was updated in 2012. The standard guidelines are full of numerous complicated, scientific procedures which is why a tree consultant – such as an arborist – should always be consulted prior to any planning permission being submitted. Many local planning authorities do not accept a proposal without the applicant having already consulted with an arborist who has performed a BS5837 tree survey. This tree survey is important for a number of reasons. It can help to ensure the preservation of local wildlife (particularly legally protected species such as bats), and the health of trees, but this can also benefit any new developments. A survey can help determine if a tree would prove detrimental to a nearby new build by highlighting any potential subsidence issues. These surveys are applicable not just to housing developers, but also those involved in the demolition and renovation industries. Even individual homeowners who are seeking planning permission may need to first consult with an arborist to determine if any impact on a tree or group of trees will be brought about by the new structure or expansion.

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