Tree Surgeon Report Versus An Arborist: What Are The Differences?

Tree surgeon report is something you may be seeking if you are concerned about the health of a tree on your property or land. We've all heard of tree surgeons, but they are not the only profession to deal with the health and management of a tree populace; there are also arborists or consultants. So, what is the difference? And which do you need?

Tree surgeons are generally more associated with cutting down and pruning branches; whereas consultancy is perceived to be more concerned with the care of wooded vegetation. However, both professions cross paths and can often collaborate on projects. Many consider arboriculture to be the more 'professional' strand of tree surgeons and this often involves consultancy work such as performing a tree survey, or producing a tree report for inventory purposes. Both differ from forestry workers, who are more concerned with the upkeep, cultivation and replanting of forestry land. Both consultants and tree surgeons offer a very similar service. So, if you are looking to have branches pruned or trimmed in a safe manner, a tree surgeon may be best. But when it comes to evaluating and understanding the health of your trees and the management that they require, consultancy services are what you should look to hire. They can provide an inventory of the wooded vegetation on your property and advise on relevant information such as the age and height of the trees. They can also spot any potential problems that the trees may cause a property.

If you need a tree surgeon report, our team at Braemar Arboriculture Limited can help. We can compile reports, climb and inspect trees, perform an ultrasonic investigation to find cavities or perform a laboratory test to aid in diagnosis of a tree's problems. For more on our company, visit, or email