Tree Subsidence: Consult With The Experts Before Acting

Tree subsidence – it's something that a lot of well-informed homeowners worry about when trees are close to their properties. Unfortunately, this can lead to a lot of trees being ruthlessly felled as a precautionary action. This can often be needless as trees aren't the only cause of subsidence.

Trees can often be implicated in such subsidence claims. Unfortunately, they don't have a voice nor a lawyer representing them. For many trees in this situation, it can be a literal death sentence. But before that figurative miscarriage of justice comes to fruition, a tree consultant should always be brought in. An arborist is not so much a legal representative of the tree, but rather an independent arbiter who can get to the bottom of whether a tree has or will cause building-related subsidence. Like any good investigator, an arborist can work independently or with a team to identify the problem. This can be done by performing a tree survey of the trees, as well as capturing field data, performing a soil analysis, conducting lab testing and compiling desk-based research. Of course, trees can play a big part in causing subsidence issues – both directly (via contact with the structure and its foundation) or indirectly (via ground movement and removing essential moisture). For parties involves in subsidence claims or mortgage proposals, understanding how such damage has, or may occur, can have a high monetary value. Because of this, it is essential to consult with a tree arborist or tree expert.

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