Tree Safety Inspection: The Responsibilities Of Landowners

Tree safety inspection services should be a crucial part of any landowners’ strategies for their estates or properties. Despite this, many landowners don't take control of these concerns and become preoccupied with other issues that they perceive to be more important. But if you are doing this, you may be taking a major risk.

It may surprise you to know that someone is killed by a tree every two months in the UK. This isn't necessarily because of a road accident, but also because of branches or trees falling. Both public and private landowners have a duty and responsibility to manage any tree populations within their lands; otherwise they risk serious financial and criminal repercussions. Risk exposure is something that is enshrined in the Health and Safety at Work Act as a criminal act; whereas Occupiers' Liability Acts cover the civil law side. So, if, for example, a visitor or employee is struck by debris from a decaying tree that has received no tree inspection or hazard assessment, you are likely to be liable for the consequences. Not only that, but local authorities expect a standard of management when it comes to falling or decaying trees that are within reach of the public. For those with several trees on their land, a tree survey could help to identify any problem trees. So instead of focusing on managing the health and condition of all trees on your land, you can focus on those that are closest to paths, roads and that have failing health.

To perform such a tree safety inspection and survey, you are going to need a qualified arborist. At Braemar Arboriculture Limited our team of consultants has over 26 years of experience between them in arboricultural and forestry professions. To find out more about us, just visit If you'd like to book one of our experienced consultants, you can email us: