Tree Risk Assessment: What Is It?

Tree risk assessment is a term that you may have come across when searching for help with a troublesome tree on your property or land. Anyone with a tree within their land has a duty to ensure that it is maintained and managed to avoid any accidents that could harm both people and properties.

But there are tree lovers out there who are also concerned about a tree on their property. A risk assessment of the tree (or trees) in question can help in both these matters. Such an assessment sees a tree consultant (such as an arborist) identify a defective tree and assess its structural condition. This allows the consultant to find out if there are any problems or risks posed to the tree, as well as risks to people and properties around it. Such an assessment can involve a tree survey of all the relevant trees, and it can involve visual observation and expert evaluation that can, for example, see an arborist scale the tree for an aerial inspection. It can also involve performing lab tests to help with the diagnosis of the tree's health, and examinations with ultrasonic equipment to both measure the thickness of a tree and to spot decay or cavities in a non-invasive manner. Any assessment benefits most from an experienced, qualified arborist. There is a wide body of scientific literature on the disciplines involved in such a successful risk assessment of a tree or trees. The subjects can cover wood decay, soils, biomechanics and more. So, such a job, unquestionably, needs a trained professional.

Thankfully, you needn't traipse through the virtual woodlands to find one – because we provide such expert assessments at Braemar Arboriculture Limited. Our tree risk assessment services are comprehensive and are aided by our collective 26 years in arboricultural and forestry work. To see about a risk assessment, please feel free to visit, or email today.