Tree Reports Derbyshire: Why Trees Are An Essential Part Of New Developments

Tree reports Derbyshire based services might not be high up on the list of requirements for a property developer. But any experienced developer should understand the importance of trees to a development; not just from a planning perspective, but as a way to encourage interest from potential home owners.

Trees can be a contentious issue when it comes to property. While some valuable trees are thought to add thousands to the price tag of some homes, they can also be perceived to reduce that price tag if there are subsidence issues. For this reason, any developer considering a tree population within their development should hire a tree consultant to help avoid any subsidence issues. There's a lot more to the design aspect of planting trees or working current trees into a development; certain soils and other factors can influence how trees interact with the foundations of buildings. As such, a tree survey of all existing wooded vegetation should be conducted before any development plans are set in motion. From an aesthetic perspective, trees can enhance the views that potential buyers see when viewing a property. Another selling point of integrating existing trees and newly planted trees is the health benefits of a tree population. Research in the United States has shown that trees are responsible for averting a staggering $6.8 billion that would otherwise have been spent in health costs. Decades of research has shown that living closer to trees promotes a better psychological and physiological well-being.

But before you make moves to plant those saplings, you need to consult with the experts (known as arborists). Braemar Arboriculture Limited's fully-qualified arborist team is here to provide tree reports Derbyshire wide for property developers. To find out more about how we can help, send our friendly team an email at or visit today.