Tree Report: Who Can Order A Tree Report?

Tree report is the very thing that could save you money on your insurance. It could even ensure that you get a mortgage. But who should order a tree report, and why? Mortgage providers may request that a homeowner has a tree survey done. This is so they can ensure that the property they are lending money on will not be damaged by trees. Builders may also require a tree survey before they can start on a new project. This is so that the root systems can be checked before any building work begins. Roots can cause damage to buildings and can make it difficult to start a project.

Tree Survey: How Close To A Tree Can You Build?

One of the many reasons for choosing to have a tree report carried out on a building project is for space requirements. When considering where to build a new structure, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. A tree assessment report will be used to determine whether the space allocated to the building project is big enough. The report will look at all the existing trees in the area, and will pay special attention to the species of the trees. Knowing what kind of tree is in the vicinity of the possible building area is essential because each kind of tree has a different root spread, branch length, and potential for growth. Next the health of the tree should be looked at. Is it a strong, healthy tree with a rapidly growing root system? Or is the tree damaged or unhealthy in some way? A tree surgeon report is useful here to determine whether or not the tree could prove to be problematic in the future, even if it isn’t at this moment. The size of the tree should also be considered, as well as how old it is. A young tree will grow, and could compromise a building in the future. An older tree, however, will not grow as quickly, and will be unlikely to cause many problems. Once the facts are known about the trees, the building plan can be made. Building too close to trees could cause problems for drainage and foundations, so it is best to build as far from established trees as possible.

Tree Survey Report: Can Cracks Within A Property Be Caused By Trees?

The trees alone around your property won’t necessarily cause it any damage, although a BS5837 tree survey report will give you a definitive answer. Cracks within a property, however, could indeed be due to the trees around it. It could also be down to the soil type that the house is built on. For example, clay will shrink or swell depending on the weather. The more rain that falls, the more the soil will swell. And the drier it is, the more it will shrink. This can mean that there is seasonal movement of the property as the seasons change, and this can cause cracks as the structure moves slightly. However, trees can actually accentuate this issue, as their weight and the root systems beneath the housing can also be affected by the moisture content of the soil. The more the tree moves, the more the building ‘connected’ to the tree moves. A tree planting report will give you some idea of the issues that trees can cause, and such a report may be requested by your insurance company if you choose to make a claim for the cracks. Trees can cause other damage to property as well. This includes the obvious damage that is caused if a tree is dislodged and falls onto a building, but it also includes other, hidden problems. These problems include subsidence issues. For a full, detailed tree report, which can be used in insurance claims, contact the experts at Braemar Arboriculture Limited.

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