Tree Report Essex Services Can Help House Buyers

Tree report Essex based services can be essential in helping prospective home buyers feel comfortable in purchasing a property. While you may not think such services would be high on the list for house buyers, you may be surprised. Many want to ensure that their potential new home isn't put at risk by tree damage to the foundations (known as subsidence).

In fact, such services can be put upon prospective buyers at the behest of their mortgage lenders. The reason for this is because a lender wants to understand the level of risk there is to a property from nearby trees. Tree-related subsidence can often be caused by moisture being soaked up by tree roots, which can destabilise the soil surrounding a building; or via a tree actually coming into contact with a building. Unfortunately, many home owners are often found in a stressful situation when it comes to moving from one home to another. It's no surprise that the unexpected issue of potential subsidence can cause great panic. However, if you're in such a situation, don't panic, a qualified tree consultant can be on hand to help with a quick response. While such a consultant can't fix the problem overnight, they can prepare a report (or a tree survey, if there is a group of trees near the building) for the lender. Such a consultant, known as an arborist, can advise the lender and prospective buyer on the action to be taken to help with the issue of subsidence and, thus, putting the buying process back on track.

Our qualified arboricultural team at Braemar Arboriculture Limited understand how important such security is to all parties – particularly the prospective buyer. We can offer our Tree report Essex services at speed by completing an expert report within a 48-72-hour window. So don't wait – contact us today either by emailing, or by visiting