Tree Planting Report: Why It's Needed

Tree planting report services are an important part of any replanting to be done by landowners – irrespective of whether they are individuals, businesses or public bodies. Tree planting happens when tree seedlings are transplanted for the purposes of landscaping, land reclamation or for forestry purposes.

The most common part of tree planting for commercial purposes is 'restocking'. It generally happens on land that has just been harvested. But to actually cut down a whole forest of trees, there has to be an agreement in place between the landowner and the Forestry Commission. The Commission is the regulatory body in relation to forestry in the UK today. A management plan must be agreed with the commission in advance – part of which involves the land to be harvested being covered by trees again. However, when seedlings are planted on land that had been previously un-forested, this is known as 'new planting'. However, the rules do differ when it comes to planting of individual trees for aesthetic or amenity purposes. So where does a tree report fit into this? Well, forestry rules do not apply to individual properties. Forestry involves the management of a large crop of trees. However, arboriculture is the practice relating to the planting and the establishment of individual trees. Even a small group of trees would not come under the category of forestry. An arborist can perform a tree survey of a small collection of trees on a property – including any recommendations for where new trees would be best planted.

So, when it comes to a tree planting report for land that is not being used for forestry purposes, then you're going to want to find an arborist consultant. At Braemar Arboriculture Limited, our team is here to help. To find out more, please visit, or email