Tree Planting Advice: Things To Consider During A Planning Proposal

Tree planting advice is hard to come across on the internet. This is because when it comes to planting trees properly, specialist knowledge and proper planning is required. Contextually, land and soil can offer unique challenges that only an on-site specialist can help navigate.

For those seeking planning permission within the UK, the planting of trees (as well as tree protection) must be considered. Trees can, unfortunately, end up as an afterthought. However, if you are serious about planning permission, note that the protection of trees is something that local planning authorities (LPAs) do consider in the acceptance or rejection of a proposal. Trees and wooded vegetation are not only valued amenities and aesthetically pleasing, they improve the health, well-being and quality of life of those living around them. As such, LPAs view the will of a developer to plant trees as a positive part of a planning proposal. As such, a tree survey of existing wooded vegetation should be performed, and a tree plan should be submitted along with any development proposals. This tree plan shouldn't just involve an architect or planner, it should also involve a tree consultant, such as an arborist. Such a consultant can help develop a tree plan for a development that takes into consideration conditions on-site, as well as the management of the land's current and future tree populace. Developers obviously want to ensure a proposal is accepted, so hiring an arborist should considered an essential investment.

Such an arborist can provide the tree planting advice, as well as advice on tree management, that can be the difference between the acceptance and rejection of planning proposals. At Braemar Arboriculture Limited, we're here to ensure that this part of your plan is a resounding success. To employ the services of our qualified arborists, send us an email today. For more on what we do, visit