Tree Inventory Report: Why Is It Important?

Tree inventory report is something that you may be considering. You may be representing a local authority or community organisation and have heard that taking an inventory of trees in your area could be a good idea. In this article, we discuss the uses of such an inventory.

An inventory tree report gathers information not only on the number of trees, but also the health of trees and the diversity of species that is present. This is different from a forest inventory, which focuses on assessing the attributes of the timber within a forest. In such a tree survey, you should receive a variety of information about the trees within the specified area. This can include, as aforementioned, the name of species and its health or maintenance needs; but also, information on its diameter, height, size, insects, potential problems, or if there is overcrowding. This detailed information shouldn't just concern the tree either; a good report also lists any information about safety, the root space or the condition of the soil (including what type of soil it is). Such an inventory is very useful in providing a starting point for a management plan for a set of trees. It can help to decide if a community requires an urban forest program of some kind, or it can specify the maintenance needs of a community's trees. But to achieve all of this, you're going to need to find a qualified arborist.

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