Tree Inspection: How Much Does A Tree Inspection Cost?

Tree inspection is something that might be required if you are selling or buying a house. You may also need to have one carried out if you are constructing or demolishing a building. How much does a tree survey cost? The answer is that it really does depend. Firstly, how many trees are there? For some companies, the more trees there are to inspect, the higher the price. Others may charge one initial price for a certain number of trees, and then a smaller charge per additional tree after that. Or it could be that it is a one off charge, no matter how many trees.

Tree Survey: What Is Tree Related Subsidence?

You may require arborist services if you think you have tree related subsidence. Subsidence happens when the ground upon which a structure is built moves or sinks. This causes the foundations of the property to move as well, and that can mean that the building becomes unstable. Signs of subsidence include cracks in the walls. However, not all cracks are a sign of subsidence. You should look for small, diagonal cracks that appear suddenly in your brickwork or plaster. They can be inside or outside, and may be especially prevalent are spells of dry weather. They are usually wider at the top than the bottom, and they may be more noticeable around windows and doorframes. There are a variety of things that cause subsidence including the soil the house is built on, the location of the property, and water damage. However, tree subsidence is also a major factor. A tree inspection will take into consideration the trees around the property, especially larger trees whose roots may be taking water from the soil causing it to shrink. If there is not much moisture, tree inspection services will determine whether the tree’s roots have grown longer in search of water, perhaps now reaching beneath the house. Trees that are especially hazardous when it comes to causing subsidence are oaks, elms, and willows. To stop subsidence, or slow it down, regularly pruning the trees will help. Ask your arborist how to do this correctly, or hire an expert to do it for you.

Why Should You Use A Licensed Arborist?

Hiring a tree consultant and tree survey expert is the best way to ensure that all your tree works are done correctly. However, it is important to remember that you should always hire a licensed arborist. Why is this? A certified tree arborist is one who has achieved a high level of knowledge in the arboriculture sector. They know about the art of arboriculture, but also about the science behind it, which means that they are best placed to know exactly what trees should remain and which could cause problems. They will have passed specialised examinations that are set by leading experts on tree care. There is also a specific code of ethics that certified arborists must adhere to at all times. Not only that, but they are expected to keep up to date on all tree related information, and continue their education wherever possible. This means that when you hire a licensed arborist you know you are hiring someone with all the latest techniques at their disposal. It is possible for arborists to become members of the International Society of Arboriculture. This is a voluntary process, but it means that the individuals involved can measure their knowledge and competence, and gain a qualification. Prospective employers can see this as a mark of quality. It demonstrates that they are committed to the profession of arboriculture, and will do a good job on whatever kind of tree survey you are hiring them to do. Braemar Arboriculture Limited is a quality, certified practice, and can help you whatever the issues.

Use Braemar Arboriculture Limited For Your Next Tree Inspection And Relax

Do you need a tree inspection carried out? Are you worried about subsidence? Perhaps you want to build a structure and don’t know whether the trees on the land are a problem? Or maybe you have a storm damaged tree that needs attention? No matter what your reason for a tree survey, Braemar Arboriculture Limited can help. Our website ( is full of useful advice, hints, and tips about tree surveys and why you should have one. Take a look and you’ll see our range of services. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email: to find out more.