Tree Inspection Services Can Help Deal With Subsidence

Tree inspection services are used for a number of reasons by a whole host of different clients – such as home owners, landowners, property developers, construction companies, architects, demolition experts and so on. But several occupiers and mortgage lenders are interested in such services for identifying subsidence issues.

Subsidence happens when a property's foundations move due to ground shrinking under the building. In three out of four cases, this is due to tree roots. If the foundations of your property have moved, then this could seriously bring down the value of your property. This can affect not only the chances of a homeowner to land the mortgage they want, but also the home insurance they want too. While homeowners may feel that they rather wouldn't know if they had a subsidence issue due to the above issues such knowledge causes, it is far better to know about subsidence issues sooner rather than later. Many lenders and insurance companies now utilise the services of an arborist or tree consultant who perform a tree survey or tree inspection that the homeowner would fund. Instead of risking the financial and emotional loss of being rejected for insurance or a mortgage, it is recommend that home owners take matters into their own hands and independently hire an arborist. You can't guarantee the quality of arborist that a lender or insurance company could choose; but you can find the right qualified arborist consultancy services of your choice. A good, professional arborist can help identify subsidence and draw up a management plan that identifies how the problem can be addressed.

Our team at Braemar Arboriculture Limited can provide such tree inspection services to lenders, insurance companies, homeowners and more in the Midlands area and beyond. Our consultants have over 13 years of experience in dealing with tree reports for mortgage and subsidence purposes. To find out more, please visit us at, or email