Tree Inspection Report For Subsidence

Tree inspection report services for tree subsidence can be extremely important when it comes to homeowners looking to sell their properties. A lot of homeowners may not want to know about any subsidence issues that their building has as they fear the effects of an inspection on their mortgage or house price.

However, ignoring any subsidence issues brought on by a tree could prove to be very detrimental to your house price – knocking it as far down as 20%. Although it may seem like a bothersome process, treatment of tree subsidence can lead to a building ending up in a far better condition. This is beneficial to both the buyer and seller. After all, many insurance companies can ask sellers to provide such reports on trees and have rejected properties with tree subsidence issues. So, by taking control of a building's potential tree subsidence issues via inspection, you are helping sell your home. Indeed, there may come a point when your home or building needs to be sold at speed. However, if there is untreated tree subsidence and it is discovered in inspection reports during the process of selling your house, then you could need to knock thousands off the price. So, when it comes to inspection, care and management of the tree subsidence issues sooner is better. The first step to doing this is getting written surveys performed. A tree survey from an arborist can help with this matter. This tree report can highlight any subsidence-related risk or hazard from trees on or near your property.

To get such a tree inspection report for subsidence issues, you need a qualified tree arborist to write the reports. Our people at Braemar Arboriculture Limited perform such tree reports, surveys and inspection of trees. Don't expect any extra fees – we're upfront with our tree consultancy costs. To request more about our tree assessment and inspections, please visit, or email