Tree Health Survey Services Can Help Chartered Surveyors

Tree health survey services are employed by all sorts of people and groups for many purposes in the UK today. One such group that can benefit from such expertise is the chartered surveyor profession. But why should a surveyor consider hiring a tree surveyor?

One of the main duties of a chartered surveyor is, of course, real estate valuation. This is most commonly at the behest of a mortgage lender who wants to ensure the equity within the property is at a level either on par with, or beyond that of the mortgage loan requested. While chartered surveyors may be able to spot some property issues brought about by trees, a tree consultant is the expert best placed to help make such a judgement. Such a consultant can perform a tree survey of all trees within an area of land that may pose a risk or an issue to a property's short-term or long-term value. Damage because of tree roots can cause major problems to a building's foundations or drainage systems that would obviously have a detrimental effect on a property's value. A certain species of tree may also be responsible for clogging up drains or air vents by dropping seeds or blossoms. Additionally, the likes of climbers or invasive shoots can damage a property's foundations and aesthetic looks. Many would never think of getting rid of their property's trees – an arborist is the best way to help advise on what an occupier can do to alleviate the problem and obtain the mortgage they want.

It is in both the potential lender and borrower's best interests to secure the mortgage. So, enlisting an arborist to perform a tree health survey is a great way to offer accurate and productive expert advice on any potential tree issues. Our team at Braemar Arboriculture Limited is here to help in the Midlands area and beyond. For more, visit, or email