Tree Condition Survey Can Save On Maintenance Costs

Tree condition survey – it might not be the first thing that you may think of when it comes to saving money on your monthly overheads. But for those running the likes of parks or golf courses, investing in such a service could seriously benefit your monthly bottom line.

The maintenance of trees is something that landowners are expected to do. For those running businesses or areas that require trees as valued amenities, the management of a tree populace can prove to be a costly venture. However, a proper tree survey of such an area could help bring about a management plan to bring down the budgetary swell caused by trees or wooded vegetation. Such a survey would be performed by a tree consultant (such as an arborist) and would bring with it several benefits. What shouldn't be forgotten is that if a person is endangered or harmed by debris falling from a tree, legal action could be sought against the individual or group deemed legally responsible for the management of this tree. In understanding the health and condition of your tree populace, you are demonstrating responsibility and thinking ahead. A survey can map each tree and help to identify the species of trees. An arborist can even classify or grade trees depending on factors that include health, safety concerns, life expectancy and value. This information can help you decide on whether certain trees are worth keeping in the locale – thus reducing and better clarifying the cost of managing the tree populace.

But, to have such a tree condition survey performed, you are going to need a qualified arborist. Braemar Arboriculture Limited's team bring a collective 26 years of experience in the arboriculture and forestry industries. We're best placed to provide such surveys and offer expert advice to those running golf courses, parks and more. To get in touch about our consultancy work, just email, or visit