Tree Assessment Report Can Reveal The Value Of Your Trees

Tree assessment report services have grown in popularity over the past decade or so. There are several different reasons why this is the case. But one of the main reasons is that many homeowners are now starting to understand that their trees could actually be worth money – therefore increasing their property value.

For example, a parish in Petersfield, Hampshire recently found out that the 60,500 trees within the parish boundaries were worth millions of pounds. In London, the Foresty Commission recently performed a tree survey of 8.4 million trees both within the Inner and Outer London areas. There was an interest in understanding the value of the city's tree population based on the carbon storage, air pollutant uptake, rainfall interception and energy savings provided by the wooded vegetation. Using this criteria, they estimated that the populace removed about 2,241 tonnes of pollution each year – saving £126m annually. They also found that the amneity value of the city's trees was estimated at a staggering £43.3 billion. This value can be added by trees creating better views or because trees can add privacy to a property. They can also provide long shadows which can offer a lot of cooling via shade, can reduce air temperature or can reduce the amount of basic heat lost through windows of a house (due to slowing wind). So if there is a lot of wooded vegetation on your estate or property, consider getting a tree report performed to understand the true value of your tree population.

If you want to get an accurate tree assessment report of your property's tree populace prepared as proof of this added value, you'll need an arborist. Braemar Arboriculture Limited covers the Midlands and beyond by performing surveys and reports for mortgages, planning applications, property valuations and more. Visit, or email