Licensed Arborist: Put Your Trust In Professionals

Licensed arborist services are what a number of companies seek for a variety of purposes. Because arboriculture is such a specialist skill, it can be difficult for lay people to understand exactly what a professional arborist should do and what roles they should perform. In this short guide, we hope to tell you all about the arboricultural profession and who you can trust.

Any qualified arborist will be armed with a number of letters after their name, but look out for any that are specifically related to arboriculture. Always ask to see the credentials of any arborist you are thinking of hiring to perform a tree survey. Another key indicator of trust is to ask if the arborist is part of any professional bodies or associations in the UK. The biggest of these bodies is the Arboricultural Association (AA). The AA is a recognisable body that provides training, standards and support for members. To find a good arborist to provide a tree inspection or to write up tree hazard reports, it is possible to find consultants that are registered with the AA as professionals. Individuals cannot simply buy their way to this title; an arborist must first have all the prerequisite qualifications and study time, as well as the ability to display a clear understanding of arboriculture in a number of scenarios. The assessment process is, therefore, rather meticulous and ensures that only an arborist or arboricultural consultancy firm with the highest standards of professionalism can obtain such membership.

So where do you find such a licensed arborist with this kind of accreditation? You can find them at Braemar Arboriculture Limited. Our arborists are full professional grade members of the AA. To secure the services of one of our professional arborists today, please email us: or visit today.