How Much Does A Tree Survey Cost? Questions Your Arborist Should Answer

How much does a tree survey cost? It's not a difficult a question, and yet many people are left perplexed by obfuscating arborists. It's not the only question that some arborists can swerve. Thankfully, there are professional arborists out there who pride themselves on honesty with clients. Here are some questions that an arborist should always be able to answer.

Firstly, your arborist should be upfront about their qualifications and accreditation. While the internet can be a brilliant tool, it can also be a place where people claim to be something they are not. When hiring an arborist for a tree survey or tree inspection, be sure to ask them about their qualifications, their work history, their accreditations – if they cannot answer these questions, move on. Secondly, ask your arborist about their skillset. Are they the chainsaw-wielding tree surgeon type? Or are they analytical in their approach to diagnosing and managing problems with your tree? Arborists aren't all the same; some possess skills and equipment that others do not. For example, when performing tree surveys, some arborists can take tree measurements using ultrasonic equipment; or take soil and bark samples for laboratory analysis. Lastly, ask if the arborist will provide a management plan. Tying in with the issue of cost, there are many arborists working as contractors. This can make them seem cheaper short-term, but if they only provide a basic report on your trees, they will increase the prices for any additional work. A good tree consultancy expert will be upfront with any costs and services.

So, you should find a consultant arborist rather than a contracted arborist. Thankfully, you needn't look too far – because at Braemar Arboriculture Limited, we provide expert arboriculture consultancy to clients. You won't be left wondering: how much does a tree survey cost; we are upfront and honest about our costs and work. To find out more, just head to, or email today.