Hazard Tree Assessment: Why Is It Useful?

Hazard tree assessment services are used by all sorts of individuals and groups – from landowners, to property developers and councils. But as groups and individuals try to stretch their budgets, it can lead to many asking if such an assessment or survey of trees on a particular patch of land or property is worth it.

The reality is that no matter who you are, a tree survey of this kind is most certainly worth it. For property developers, a proposal can be rejected by a local planning authority based on trees, wooded vegetation and wildlife not being properly considered by the developer. The same goes for individuals or groups who may want to make changes to their property that require planning permission. For councils, it is obviously important that they co-ordinate their efforts with a tree consultant such as an arborist. A tree arborist consultant can aid councils particularly when it comes to the development or expansion of roads. Since trees can often be found at the side of many rural roads, it is important to understand what effect such an expansion would have on the health of a nearby tree population. Not only that, but trees that have grown out of control can pose a risk to all who use the roads. Not only can tree branches fall off and bring about temporary road closures, they can also cause fatal road accidents. This isn't just from falling debris, but also from trees obscuring a driver's visibility. For this reason, a tree management plan is a responsibility that every council should take on board.

For local authorities in the Midlands area and beyond, Braemar Arboriculture Limited is here to offer its expert arborist services. Our team has collectively spent three decades performing hazard tree assessment surveys. For more on what we do, just visit us at https://braemararboricultureltd.co.uk, or email braemararbltd@gmail.com.