Certified Tree Arborist: What To Expect From A Good Survey

Certified tree arborist is what every company or group would like to have when it comes to having a survey of their land or site's tree population performed. However, there are some contractors out there who do not produce very good reports.

So, when it comes to obtaining a high-quality tree survey, you're going to want to find an arborist consultancy firm. But there are key ways to tell if you have received a low-quality report and service from a contracted arborist. Firstly, a professional arborist always asks for a copy of the site plans. This allows a certified arborist to understand the layout of the site and know what to expect for the survey. The survey itself should include a tree inspection whereby individual trees are graded according to their quality and influence on any development or construction. From here, a root protection area (RPA) calculation is worked out that sets out a zone around a tree or trees that should be excluded from work. Then it's onto the arboricultural impact assessment (AIA) where the arborist identifies constraints or hazards on the land or site for workers or buildings. Finally, an arboricultural method statement (AMS) and tree protection plan (TPP) is produced that can, hopefully, reassure a local planning authority that trees are being taken care of on your development and/or land. Lastly, a good arborist goes that extra mile and meets with your planners and architects to iron out any tree related issues that a design or plan may have.

That extra mile? That's where we go at Braemar Arboriculture Limited. Our professional, qualified and fully accredited team of consultant arborists are here to help avoid any tree issues getting in the way of your planning proposals and developments. To employ the services of one of our certified tree arborist experts today, just email us at, braemararbltd@gmail.com or visit https://braemararboricultureltd.co.uk.