BS5837 Trees In Relation To Design Demolition And Construction Recommendations: Some Advice

BS5837 trees in relation to design demolition and construction recommendations should be followed not only to increase the chance of success during planning proposals to local planning authorities, but also to promote good green policies and safety. Here we list some pieces of advice for organisations involved in construction and who deal with the issue of trees on a construction site.

While the size of trees can make them seem quite sturdy, they are actually rather sensitive organisms. The growth of a tree is dependent on its ability to produce healthy roots that provide moisture for nourishment. For this reason, it is incredibly important that any construction work near trees is done responsibly. Local planning authorities only grant planning permission for construction jobs if the applicant has shown that due consideration has been given to the health and safety of trees sited on the land in question. Before any work begins, a BS5837 tree survey should be carried out by an arborist. Once the tree survey has been completed, a temporary barrier or fence should be placed around nearby trees and their roots (the distance of which should be calculated by an arborist). Excavations around or near this area should be avoided at all costs as such a movement could severely compromise a tree. No vehicles nor debris should be placed within this fenced area either. The applicant also needs to demonstrate a long-term management plan for these older trees, as well as any newly planted trees that have been placed as amenities for the development.

With the right arborist on board to help you from the pre-planning process right through to completion of the project, there shouldn't be a problem. Braemar Arboriculture Limited is a specialist in BS5837 trees in relation to design demolition and construction recommendations. To secure the services of our tree experts today, please email, or visit