BS5837 Tree Survey: What Is BS5837?

BS5837 tree survey is a British Standard that must be adhered to when working with trees. This kind of tree survey can be used for mortgage lender reports, insurance claims, planning applications and more. Areas covered by the BS5837 report include carrying out an initial topographical survey (and the standard also sets out what should be included within that assessment). Also included are what requirements are needed in a soil assessment to ascertain whether the roots of a tree are protected. This is essential when foundations for a building are being dug, or when new trees are being planted.

Tree Survey: What Does The BS5837 Cover?

The BS5837 tree survey is in place to ensure safe working practices around trees which, if the person working with them is not careful, could be dangerous. The tree survey BS5837 determines when an in-depth tree report and survey should be carried out. It also states what the survey should cover, what measurements should be taken for accurate monitoring, and how the trees should be categorised in order to work out their health. Categorising trees is also useful when preparing a planning application. So is calculating the root protection area of the trees, and this is also covered by the BS5837 tree protection guidelines. It will set out what needs to be taken into consideration when looking at the existing trees in an area that you want to build in. It will also inform you of the best locations to build a structure when there are trees in the area. And, if you need to complete an arboricultural impact assessment in order to show that you have thought about the trees ahead of time, the BS5837 survey will give you the tools, knowledge, and guidance to do so. However, for complete peace of mind it is always best to consult and engage a professional arboricultralist for this kind of work. The useful BS5837 guidelines will also offer you advice on the preparation of a tree protection plan if you need to remove certain trees from the area. Special measures may need to be put in place, and the plan will explain them.

Further Uses For The BS5837 Survey

The BS5837 survey can suggest recommendations when it comes to new planting and landscape gardening. This is useful because it will explain which plants are safe to use, how to plant them, and what damage they might cause to properties if they are planted in too close a proximity. When you are cutting trees down, the BS5837 will detail method statements which should be adhered to. These will detail the safest way to remove the trees. But BS5837 trees are not the only thing mentioned within the report. The report will also explain the safest methods when it comes to demolishing existing buildings so that it is done safely and trees in the area are protected. The same goes for construction. If a tree must be left where it is due to a protection order then there are strict guidelines that must be adhered to. It is all written in this very useful document. It provides specific details about tree protection barriers and ground protection measures. There is also information about how the site should be monitored and details about how to avoid physical damage to the roots of existing trees during demolition and construction. A good tree surgeon and tree survey firm will follow these guidelines stringently. The best arboriculturalists will use BS5837 as their guide to how they work. Braemar Arboriculture Limited is one of these firms who use BS5837 expertly to carry out their work.

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