BS5837 Tree Protection: What Is It?

BS5837 tree protection is something that construction and property development companies in the UK are likely to come across, but what exactly does it mean? It is a standard within Britain that ensures that a tree's health on a construction site is regarded as important. When followed, the guidelines demonstrate an adherence to recognised British standards when dealing with trees on developments or construction sites.

Tree health is something that many local planning authorities value and trees are legally protected within the UK today. However, sometimes trees can also pose a risk to people or property. To navigate such a legal quandary, it is best practice to consult with an arborist. Such tree experts can perform a tree survey to enable businesses to know of any potential tree related hazards, as well as recordable data such as the age, condition and type of tree (or trees) examined. An existing tree on a site may suffer from decay that causes it to be unstable. This means that workers, visitors or even trespassers to a site can be at risk. Given that the legal position in the UK is that owners and operators of land have a duty to responsibly manage trees within their land, it's important to get on top of any tree issues. Despite their long age, trees can rapidly decay over a short space of time. Even if a BS5837 tree survey has been conducted before, another such survey may be required if a hazardous tree is identified. Thankfully, it is possible to find an arborist that can help with such a situation at speed.

It's what we do at Braemar Arboriculture Limited. We have spent over 13 years producing reports as parts of planning applications and beyond, which completely fit to BS5837 tree protection standards. Our services have been used both locally and nationally for construction projects. For more, visit, or email