Arborist Tree Services For Mortgage Purposes

Arborist tree experts are widely appreciated by many for their professionalism, speciality skills and dedication. They are trusted as a profession. But with that being said, you still want to find the right arborist. This is particularly true when it comes to a mortgage report.

Both potential homeowners and lenders can benefit from the insight of an arborist. This is because properties with trees or wooded vegetation nearby the building may require an arborist to perform both a tree survey and a tree inspection. Such an arborist survey or inspection is for the purposes of producing a mortgage report that tells a lender if there are any tree related issues in regards to a house. Expect such a report to include data about the tree population. It should also include expert observations regarding any trees that may be failing and could cause damage to people or property, and observations on damage caused to the building by branches or roots. The latter is more commonly known as subsidence and can seriously affect the ability of a potential home buyer to gain a mortgage from their preferred lender. But such a report should highlight other issues like the effect of wooded vegetation on soils, damage caused to a building by climbers, and relevant information on any trees that have conservation or tree preservation orders currently on them. But, to receive a good quality report, you're going to need a fully qualified consultant arborist as opposed to a contractor.

Within the Midlands, Braemar Arboriculture Limited is that consultant. For over 13 years, we have specialised in providing extensive mortgage reports to lenders and potential home buyers. We understand how time is a pressing matter – which is why we can usually have the job done within 72 hours. For more on our arborist tree services, just email or visit