Arborist Tree Report For Mortgage Purposes

Arborist tree report services are something that you may need to consider when approaching a bank or lender for the purpose of obtaining a mortgage. This is likely to be the case if the vegetation on your property includes any trees, and is something that a lender can insist upon.

This is also true if there is any wooded vegetation in the neighbouring land. A tree report of this kind needs to be performed by a qualified arborist. This arborist report can then provide an inventory of the tree populace and report back on their health by performing a tree survey. The most important part of such reports for any homeowner isn't understanding the condition of a tree, but finding out about any potential damage they could cause to their building. This could be, very simply, the potential for branches to hit the building during a storm, or to fall and cause damage to the roof. Indirect damage to the building caused by roots affecting the building's foundations is also a concern. A risk assessment of subsidence by an arborist can help to find out if a building's foundations are being moved by moisture shortages in the soil. This is generally the case with a building situated near vegetation or a tree that is in a shrinkable clay soil. A mortgage report by an arborist into trees on or just outside your land can offer a good degree of likelihood as to whether a building is being affected by subsidence.

But who can you turn to for an arborist tree report? Well, our team at Braemar Arboriculture Limited have 26 years of arborist experience between them and cover the whole of the Midlands and beyond. We can offer our arborist expert service for mortgage purposes. No hidden fees; we are upfront about what we charge for professional reports. To find out more, visit, or email