Arborist Tree Care: What Is It All About?

Arborist tree care is something you may have found out about when researching concerns that you have about the health and condition of trees on your property. What is an arborist? And what can they do to help your trees?

Arborists are qualified professionals who specialise in caring for trees – generally an individual tree or a small group of trees. Far from being a luxury expense, proper use of a good arborist can increase the value of your property. Arborists will perform a tree survey on your property to record data regarding the size, age and condition of individual trees. From there, they can identify possible problems via a detailed tree inspection. They can then recommend a management plan to help maintain the health of a tree or trees. So, what value does this add to your property? Many people love trees and the prospect of having well-maintained, healthy trees on a property is an enticing one for a buyer. As amenities, they can add thousands to a house price alone. However, an arborist can also help to identify if there are any possible subsidence issues caused by a tree's proximity to a building on the property. Being able to catch subsidence issues early on is important as they can severely affect the ability of the occupier to secure a mortgage or insurance. For a potential buyer, this is off-putting. But by hiring an arborist, you can get on top of these issues and ensure that your property's valuation isn't weakened.

For these reasons alone, it should be clear to see that arborist tree care services are incredibly important; so much so that every property owner with trees on their land should hire an arborist at some point. At Braemar Arboriculture Limited, we offer these specialist services for homeowners. To find out about our services, please visit Need a service you can't see on our website? Then just send us an email