Arborist Services: What Is An Arborist?

Arborist services may be something you have come across, but you aren't sure why you would need an arborist for the management your properties or lands. In this article, we'll explain what arborists do, why they matter, and how they can improve the overall maintenance of your land.

An arborist is a practitioner of arboricultural which, when basically defined, is the management, study and cultivation of perennial woody vegetation such as trees, vines or shrubs. However, they are not forestry workers – as they do not manage forests. Instead, the arborist focuses on small collections of trees and the individual health of these trees. Think of arborists as GPs for trees. An arborist extensively diagnoses problems with individual trees via a tree survey and tree inspection. From here, they can deliver a prognosis for any trees that may have poor health or condition. It should be noted that arborists don't just run around with chainsaws chopping down trees left, right and centre. There is much more to this for the professional and qualified individuals who want to try and save as much of a tree as possible. The highest level of arboriculture requires a terrific understanding of numerous issues that go just far beyond measuring a tree for its dimensions or recording its age; it also involves using ultrasonic equipment, performing laboratory tests and examining soil samples. So, if you have even just one tree on your property or land, it is recommended that you employ an arborist to check on the health of that tree.

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